Zinhle launches her own jewellery collection in partnership with Nungu Diamonds

Zinhle just launched a new jewellery collection in partnership with Nungu Diamonds. The pieces are absolutely gorgeous and we expected nothing less from our main gurl. The locally-sourced gems have been placed in distinct African designs in the form of necklace pendants and a jaw-dropping ring. Zinhle has class and it reflects in this collection. Having the titles of interior designer, DJ, boss babe, watch designer, fashion mogul, super mom and now jewellery designer under her belt, Zinhle has definitely raised that bar. Setting standards like this is why ‘female’ is the new superpower.

Zinhle took to social media with great pride to show off her new creations. She decided to model them herself as it shows just how much confidence she has in them – the pieces are almost as gorgeous as she is, and that says a lot.

It was previously reported that DJ Zinhle has joined the growing list of celebrities who are opening up about financial woes. The muso took to social media to slam companies who want her to do gigs for free. The Umlilo hitmaker revealed that she has not had an income for three months due to the pandemic. DJ Zinhle took to social media to slam certain companies who asked her to perform for free during the lockdown. She said that not only was that a risk to her health, but she has also not received an income since the lockdown started months ago. The DJ said:

“How am I gonna risk my life going out to record a stream for free when I haven’t had an income for 3 months?”

Main Image: YoMzansi