Zodwa Wabantu files a case of fraud against her former lover!

Zodwa Wabantu is among the most-watched entertainers in South Africa. This makes her private life more or less, the public’s business as well. In a new controversy, a fraud case has been registered by Zodwa against her former lover Vusi Buthelezi and this is not even a joke!

While everything looked all fine after their sudden split, with Vusi even posting his new girlfriend on social media, things are not really settled between the two former lovebirds as Vusi has allegedly scammed Zodwa and was also alleged to be the kingpin behind Zodwa’s house robbery.

Zodwa Wabantu took to Instagram TV to share a video of herself expressing the disappointment she has in her former young lover. The dancer claims that Vusi has been using her name to fraudulently acquire benefits from Audi SA and has even confirmed in her comments section that Vusi might be involved in her recent house robbery.

In the video, Zodwa counts all the things she used to do for Vusi all in the name of love, including sneakers from Dubai, a watch worth 18k and a phone that he now uses which is worth R20k. It is understood that Vusi is on the run after a case of fraud was opened against him at Empangeni police station.

Main Image: Youtube