Zoleka Mandela and husband file for divorce

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter Zoleka Mandela took to Instagram to share news of her separation from husband Thierry Bashala.

The pair has been married for six years and it seemed their fairytale marriage would never end. Yet Zoleka recently announced her separation on Instagram from husband Thierry Bashala, saying it’s taken her two years to leave a relationship that “no longer serves” her.

She also states that the marriage eroded her self-esteem, independence and her mental,as well as emotional state, for too long.

The writer and activist expressed how much she dearly loves her husband but was on a quest to getting her ‘groove’ back.

“Over the years, I’ve continued to fall in habit and have tied my sense of worth to things outside of me and placed it in the hands of others. Leaving someone you once loved, reaffirms your strengths, it leaves you feeling more liberated and forces you to look into yourself and to move on even when you’re more comfortable staying in a relationship that leaves you feeling invisible and undervalued,” she wrote.

Zoleka is looking to be alone and learn to be alone, also learn how to not depend on other people, also to learn how to accept her weaknesses.

“I have left someone that I once loved for eight whole years, because I need to learn to be alone, to work on myself harder than any other relationship, to recognise and accept my weaknesses, to forgive myself and to finally celebrate my freedom.”

Image: YouthVillage