Zonke Dikana builds a recording studio

And we’re excited. Zonke Dikana, an award-winning singer-songwriter and record producer. Her soulful and emphatic music always has her fans wanting for more and now, we can’t wait to hear what she will brew in her own studio.

Zonke Dikana

Zonke took to Twitter to announce that at the end of this month, her possibly most exciting project yet, will be complete.

Her last album L.O.V.E was released 2018, her fifth studio album, has songs such as “NdiliMpondo” a homage to the importance of national identity, and “Uphelelwa Lixesha”, a cautionary tale to unfaithful lovers. We have no doubt that she’s going to cook up a storm. Zonke however is not building the studio to keep it all to herself, she’s calling on budding new talent to come and test their mettle in her studio.

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