Nasty C hits back at haters who are coming after his crown

Nasty C has hit back at haters who are coming for his crown, after reports that he may have to give up his stage name amid a dispute with his former record label.

With the name, Nasty C has become one of the biggest rappers on the continent.

Now, according to reporters, the rapper has allegedly been served with a cease-and-desist letter from his former management company’s lawyers to stop him using it.

They say he does not own the rights to the name.

The dispute is part of a R4.5m suit brought against Nasty C and Mabala Noise by Freeworld Music for alleged breach of contract and unpaid services.

Social media has been filled with reactions to the reports, while Nasty C took to Twitter to take aim at those trying to stop his wins.

“(I) got a lot of enemies. (It) comes with the territory. No coincidence that this happens after such a great run.”

He added that his enemies were touched whenever he won and he would keep giving them chest pains.

“It hurts you to see me win. And I like that sh*t,” he wrote.

The rapper has received support from fans and friends countrywide, including celebs Bonang Matheba and TV host Andile Ncube.

Meanwhile, fans have already started to plan for life without “Nasty C” and have suggested some really fresh alternatives.

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