Riky Rick spreads positivity: Don’t give up, you’ll succeed

Riky Rick is spreading positivity through Twitter, encouraging his followers to not give up in a motivational message this week.

The award-winning rapper has struggled with mental health issues in the past and spoken about how he uses his social media platforms to not only motivate others but also himself.

His posts often help those who may need it and he once again sparked a conversation online when he wrote an honest message to his followers.

“If you feel like you stuck in the darkness right now, I’m asking you to be strong,” he wrote.

He added that life was not always perfect but that it was important to stay focused.

“I’m asking you to accept that life isn’t always perfect. I’m asking you to stay focused on your purpose and your goals.”

The star promised that it would get better with time.

“Maybe not now but soon. You’ll make it through,” he wrote.

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