Celebrities who own/ed weird animals as pets!

While we consider some animals as ‘wild’ or ‘weird,’ some celebrities out there have some sort of  bond or relationship with these out of the ordinary species.

While a cat or a dog is as far as some of us can go, some celebrities went amazon-deep for their ‘’pets.’’ Check out these weird animals celebrities own/ed for some reason.

1) George Clooney’s Pig

George Clooney had a 300-pound pet potbellied pig named Max that he reportedly adored so much he didn’t want to have children. Max passed away in 2006 at the old age (for pigs) of 18. Now pig-less, Clooney has had to settle for spending time with supermodels, famous actors, and piles of money.

2) Paris Hilton’s $13,000 Pomeranian

Paris plunked down 13k for this Pomeranian, which sounds insane until you see how cute it looks. Kind of like a tiny Tauntaun. This picture got 43,000 likes on Instagram, which means she paid about 30 cents per Instagram like. That’s a great deal! (Except that Instagram likes don’t mean anything.)

3) Mike Tyson’s Pigeons

Mike Tyson loves his racing pigeons, and credits them with giving him his first true loving relationship. Several years ago, his girlfriend at the time cooked and ate one, which for Tyson is basically the equivalent of murdering and eating his ex-girlfriend. (Talk about having problems).

4) Leonardo DiCaprio – Tortoise

Leo bought a 10-year old tortoise that will most likely live 80 years and grow to be 200 pounds, maybe he just needed a pet as big as his profile.

5) Kristen Stewart – Wolf/ Dog

Kristen’s mom raises wolf-dogs, which are only legal in certain states. Kristen’s favourite is named Jack, and she says he likes to lay at her feet.

6) Kardashians – Chimpanzee

The Kardashians once got blasted for showing off their pet chimpanzee, Suzy, on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. They said they had just rented her for the week, but the timing was especially bad because their photos with Suzy were released the same week a lady got her face eaten off by a chimpanzee.

Picture credit: Virtantiq.com

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