IN MEMES: Papa Penny says Tsonga dance is like air conditioning, Twitter isn’t coping!

South Africa’s Twitter sensation, Papa Penny is at again, giving us something to laugh about and meme-fy the whole week.

This week, Papa Penny introduced fans to a new way to cool down when the heat goes through the roof in Limpopo.

Papa Penny’s genius vocabulary gave new meaning to the traditional XiTsonga dance, which women use Xibelani (layered skirt for dancing) to do.  The women wear these skirts around their waists and sway from left to right.

According to Papa Penny, (wait for it) the most non-electric way to conquer the blazing summer days was to have a bunch of women dance around them in their Xebelanis, which would serve as air conditioning.

Papa Penny called the dance “air conditioning” and Twitter went crazy in memes!

But that’s not the end of Papa Penny’s jokes, he also went an extra mile when he attempted to buy a cow but was not willing to pay the full price which was over R10,000.

Instead, Papa Panny wanted the price to be cut down by 50%… and he was willing to talk his way out of the original price… in English.

Twitter was left in stitches and so was the farm owner.

Picture credit: Youtube

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