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    My Granny the Escort: Prostitute

    Grandmothers usual pass time include gardening, baking, having coffee mornings with friends and supplying their grandchildren with endless cuddles.

    But one group of older women aren't prepared to slow down anytime soon.

    85-year-old Sheila, 64-year-old Beverley and 57-year-old Sophie are three of Britain's 'mature escorts' – older women who choose to sell sex from hotel rooms and their homes – and all completely legally.

    Sheila Vogel-Coupe – who goes by the name Grand Dame Cecilia Bird on the website Mature Courtesans and earns £250 an hour – has been happily married twice but outlived both of her husbands.

    She told Metro why she decided to become an escort four years ago. "The most important reason is because I love sex. Even thinking about it makes me feel better.

    It doesn’t just begin with sex, there is companionship too. I have been on my own for nine years and I do get lonely. I love the companionship of gentlemen. I really have no inhibitions."

    Speaking about her younger clients – Sheila has slept with men 60 years her junior – she said: "They see something about me. It is a nice feeling.

    As a mother of three, grandmother of three and great-grandmother of two, Sheila said that her profession has created rifts in her family.

    "They wanted me to promise I would never do it again, but I told them to stuff it," she said.

    In the film, Beverley says never judges her clients – no matter how strange their requests are – and over the years there’s nothing she hasn’t been asked to do.

    Big up grannies – you are allowed to enjoyed some bump and grind.

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