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    New nail trend alert: Aurora nails

    The era of glazed-donut manicures may have captured our attention for years, but now, there’s a fresh nail trend shimmering its way into the spotlight: the enchanting aurora nails.

    As we step into a new year, it’s time for a nail transformation that’s as magical as it is mesmerizing. Enter the world of Aurora Nails—a trend that’s playful, dazzling, and truly dreamy.

    New nail trend alert: Aurora nails, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    Image: Pinterest

    Much like the glazed-donut manicure, famously flaunted by Hailey Bieber, aurora nails add a mesmerizing sparkle that’s impossible to ignore. According to Glamour, these nails are customizable to suit any style, offering a canvas for your creativity to soar. Originating in the dynamic realm of K-beauty, this trend found its global allure after LA-based Korean American nail artist Mary Koh breathed new life into it.

    Picture this: a shimmering, iridescent design delicately suspended in a clear gel, casting ethereal hues that dance with every movement—reminiscent of the breathtaking spectacle of the northern lights.

    New nail trend alert: Aurora nails, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    Image: Glamour UK

    Bustle reveals the secret behind the magic: a holographic foil layer that adds a mesmerizing 3D effect, sealed with a luscious coat of thick gel.

    Opt for a clear, sheer, or pink base for an elegant allure, or dive into a world of purples and blues for a futuristic twist. For those craving a bold statement, vibrant shades like oranges and reds promise to make your nails sparkle and steal the spotlight.

    Mian image: Amazon

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