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    Roger Federer Serving Up Style with Tennis-Inspired Sunglasses Collection

    In a move that serves up both style and functionality, tennis legend Roger Federer has volleyed into the world of fashion with his own range of sunglasses for Oliver Peoples. The former sports star didn’t just lend his name to the collection; he got right into the creative process, infusing every pair with his own personal touch.

    Drawing inspiration from his illustrious tennis career, Federer’s collection is a symphony of design elements that pay homage to the sport he loves. The number eight takes center court, symbolizing both his birthday and his record-breaking eight Wimbledon titles. But it doesn’t stop there; each pair features a pattern inspired by the intricate strings of a tennis racket, and an octagonal shape reminiscent of a racket butt adds an extra layer of flair.

    “Sunglasses are something I’ve enjoyed as my sport has required me to chase the sun 80 percent of my life,” Federer said. “One of the main goals of our collection was to create sunglasses that could be utilized in every aspect of one’s routine – off or on the court.” And it’s clear that he’s aced that goal with finesse.

    Roger Federer Serving Up Style with Tennis-Inspired Sunglasses Collection, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    Rocco Basilico, CEO of Oliver Peoples, couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with the tennis champ. “His impact is legendary and reaches beyond the world of tennis,” Basilico praised. “A brand is all about reputation, and Roger has one of the highest.” Indeed, Federer’s reputation for excellence extends far beyond the confines of the tennis court, and now it’s shining through in the world of fashion.

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