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    Diddy: Presumed Innocent, at least by Jason Derulo

    In the world of showbiz, where scandal and sensation usually overshadow the spotlight, it takes a rare voice to champion the age-old principle of “innocent until proven guilty.”

    The American pop sensation, Jason Derulo unexpectedly and shockingly stands by Diddy. When quizzed by TMZ about the swirling allegations surrounding his mentor, the iconic Sean “Diddy” Combs, Derulo didn’t mince words.

    “I believe in innocence until proven guilty, for sure,” declared Derulo.

    In the wake of the dramatic raids on Diddy’s properties in connection with a sex trafficking investigation, his attorney, Aaron Dyer, didn’t pull punches.

    But amidst the chaos and the cacophony of accusations, Diddy stands resolute. No criminal or civil liability has been established, his legal counsel affirms. He remains steadfast in his innocence, vowing to fight tooth and nail to clear his tarnished name.

    Main Image: VIBE

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