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    The Ultimate Travel Adventure Begins with the HONOR Magic6 Pro

    Every South African knows the main purpose of the Easter weekend and school holidays – travel. The South African landscape is perfect for travelling as it encompasses a range of outdoor experiences – whether it’s hiking in Cape Town, swimming in the warm beaches in Durban, or getting up close and personal with the Big 5 at Kruger National Park. 

    In South Africa, it has been recorded that an average of 70,000 vehicles travel on the N3 between Durban and Gauteng during the Easter weekend, while the N1 to Limpopo sees approximately 50,000 cars.

    Travelling with family, friends, or both, is almost always the starting point for unforgettable experiences filled with picture-worthy memories. Whether it’s capturing their child’s first ocean swim or their exhilarating experience of walking with lions at Ukutula Lodge & Game Reserve – having a smartphone that can not only help them get to their destination safely but also effortlessly capture these moments is a must-pack.

    HONOR, a global leader in smart devices, recently launched its Magic Series in SA. Forming part of the brand’s flagship, the HONOR Magic6 Pro can be considered the perfect travel companion thanks to its many new AI-enhanced camera capabilities, features and processes. 

    Here are 5 reasons why the Magic6 Pro should be considered for every travel adventure:

    1. Pictures That Go Beyond the Eyes with the AI-Driven Falcon Camera System
      When it comes to adventures, ideal picture moments are often fleeting. But with the new HONOR Magic6 Pro’s advanced Falcon Camera System, which has been embedded with some of the most platform-level AI technology, rest assured those moments will be caught perfectly – every time. 

    The Magic6 Pro has received the 2024 DXOMARK Ultimate Camera Smartphone recognition with a Gold score of 158 points. In total it has claimed the top spot in DXOMARK’s ranking for the key categories of Battery, Selfie Camera, and Display. It boasts the Sport Portrait Algorithm, which allows avid photographers to take portrait shots with natural bokeh effects, even in fast-moving scenarios. Sporting a 180MP Periscope Telephoto Lens, the device will always deliver crystal clear images – no matter how zoomed in. 

    The stars, the view from the mountain top, or even the full moon that hangs over the ocean, will always be a picture-perfect moment. With its 2.5x Optical Zoom feature, distant scenery becomes so close it feels like the user was right there when taking the image.

    The 50MP camera also allows for a wide field of view without ever comprising rich details of the scenery – creating breath-taking stills fit for canvases to hang in the home. 

    With the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s Falcon Camera System – users get to experience the quality of professional cameras without the price and bulky equipment when on holiday.

    The Ultimate Travel Adventure Begins with the HONOR Magic6 Pro, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    The HONOR Magic6 Pro / Image: HONOR
    1. Be Part of The Memories with AI Motion Sensing Capture

    When travelling in groups, there’s always one designated person to take the pictures – often being left out of the action shots unless it’s a selfie. 

    But with the Magic6 Pro’s AI Motion Sensing Capture – everyone gets to be a part of the fun. Based on 8 million Movement Samples – the HONOR-patented AI Motion Sensing Capture features allows the device to capture hundreds of images based on motion. The only thing that’s required is a flat surface or a tripod for the perfect shot of everyone on holiday – whether its running into the ocean or walking on the Oribi Gorge Suspension Bridge.

    1. Keep Things Private with AI Privacy Call 3.0
      The one thing people value most is their privacy – something that is not easily available during long road trips or when the need to share a room during adventures comes up. 

    But when the avid traveller has the HONOR Magic6 Pro – privacy becomes invincible thanks to the power of AI Privacy Call 3.0. 

    Witnessing major upgrades, this feature intelligently adapts to the right volume in any environment, meaning calls will be crisp clear with very minimal sound leakage – providing privacy in any enclosed space.

    1. Anticipating Every Drop – So You Don’t Have To
      Travelling involves a lot of packing and moving around – and with holidaymakers so focused on making sure they’ve packed everything they need and planning the most adventure-worthy itinerary – they often don’t focus on what they’re holding, their smartphone. 

    Sometimes, even the excitement of being in the bush at Hluhluwe Game Reserve or being surrounded by the scenic views at Cape Point can lead people to forget their devices in their pocket.

    This often leads to drops, exposure to water and dust, or scratches on their device – which often causes a damper on the mood. 

    But thanks to HONOR’s revolutionary developments – the Magic6 Pro is protected against every holiday calamity. With its Nano Crystal Shield, the device offers even ten times more drop resistance than competitors. A leader in robustness and durability – the Magic6 Pro Five Star Glass Drop Resistance Ability is SGS-verified. 

    Additionally, the HONOR Magic6 Pro also boasts an outstanding performance in harsh conditions with its IP68 water and dust resistance – making it the all-round perfect device for outdoor adventures.

    1. Battery Life That Can Last Longer Than Your Itinerary Schedule
      The struggle can be real when it comes to having a day packed with sightseeing – with no available outlet in sight to ensure holidaymakers are always connected. 

    Harnessing the power of silicon-carbon battery technology, that’s been derived from the disruptive electric vehicle industry, the HONOR Magic6 Pro has been designed to house a 5600mAh HONOR second-generation silicon-carbon battery. 

    The battery has been developed to withstand extended usage, even in low-temperature environments – so shooting the kids build a snowman in -10°C weather is an absolute breeze. 

    In terms of navigation, the HONOR-developed battery allows for up to13 hours of non-stop navigation – perfect for long trips across the country. 

    Discover the Magic with HONOR Magic6 Pro this holiday season. The device is available in Epi Green and Black and will retail for the recommended price of R27 999.00 at various network operators across the country.

    For more information, please visit HONOR at https://www.hihonor.com/za/phones/honor-magic6-pro/.

    Main image: HONOR

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