Ciara & Russell Reveal the key to their happy marriage

Communication is important to maximum lifeforms, especially when two of those lifeforms are in a long-term, committed courting. Divorce is hard, however now and again making a healthy line of communique can also be even tougher.

Ciara and Russell Wilson recently gave us what they suspect is the true key to a cheerful marriage, and in line with them, the solution is inconspicuous.

“I Feel an important thing is, to start with, simply loving one some other, you recognize? For love, you’ll be able to do anything else and also you take care of one another. And additionally communication.”

Two of the main reasons for divorce have to do with communication and sex, and everyone knows that you can’t, in reality, have one without the other. On the crimson carpet of the ESPY’s, the couple published that the secret to their matrimonial bliss lies in the talent to talk issues out.

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Forever my greatest love. ❤️

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When the kids are out of control, your finances are misbehaving, and life seems to be erupting into a whirlwind of bullsh*t all around you, the last thing you feel like doing is sitting down and talking to your partner about everything that bothers you; but ultimately, having a healthy line of communication is the only way to push through the hardest times in their lives.

“There’s always a lot of highs, and there are lows, and everything else, but communication is everything. And I think when you’re able to do that and take care of your kids, it’s a lot of fun.”

Fun is a major understatement for Ciara and Russell’s romantic life, which is filled with creative date nights and impromptu anniversary trips to Fiji. Three years after their wedding, these two are still on a never-ending honeymoon and couldn’t see their lives any other way. Ciara told.

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Year 3. Happy Anniversary Babylove. @Ciara

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It was a really good time, it was very relaxing. We didn’t have a long time, but it was very sweet. And I think, more than anything, [the best part was] just recognizing, ‘Wow, we’re three years into this thing.'”

During the interview, the couple also revealed that we may be seeing a new addition to the Wilson Clan in the future, it just won’t be the near future. While Russell is ready to bring their next baby into the world as we speak, Ciara says that she’s enjoying dancing with a flat belly for now:

“I love being a mom. It is by far the coolest job in life, and I do look forward to having more of those sweet little angels. And it’ll happen at the perfect time.”

Read Ciara’s full interview here!

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