Mariah Carey would rather “play up her eyes” than wear red lipstick

Come to think of it, nobody has actually ever seen Mariah Carey wear red lipstick, and her long-time make-up artist, Kristofer Buckle, revealed that the star would rather play up her eyes with strong eye shapes and soft lashes than to put on the bold colour on her lips.

Kristofer has also worked with the likes of Blake Lively and Kelly Ripa, and he explained that whenever he does Mariah’s eyes, he always uses similar “shape themes” that her fans will have seen time and time again because she is a “living legend”. He added: “Mariah is a living legend, so I always keep familiar shape themes on her eyes and play with slight colour and texture differences.”

Elsewhere, Kristofer recalled the time Mariah cut a gown into a mini dress whilst wearing the designer piece. Talking to Page Six Style, he said: “I’ve watched Mariah take scissors and cut a designer beaded gown into a mini dress while it was on her … because that’s what she wanted to wear. I’ve learned [from her] that your style is yours.”

Kristofer has worked for Mariah since 1994, and recalled how one year she treated her team to a “midnight sleigh ride” in Aspen during the festive period. He remembered: “One of my favourite Christmas memories was when Mariah took us on a midnight horse-driven sleigh ride through the woods in Aspen. We were all cosy under heavy wool blankets, and Mariah made sure there was hot cocoa as we made our way under the moon through the snow.”

The ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ hitmaker is definitely different from most of us.


Main Image: Rated R&B