Pearl Thusi wants to organize peaceful protest!

Pearl Thusi has added her voice to the movement against the disregard of black lives by police in the United States and here in Mzansi.

Whilst the actress acknowledged the protests happening in America she also asked if there are any plans for protests on the killings of South Africans.

Some tweeps reminded Pearl of the attacks that happened on foreign nationals in South Africa by citizens of the country. The Queen Sono actress defended her opinion by admitting that yes we were divided on the matter.

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“Are you saying the police should use brutal force on its own ppl because they harmed foreign nationals? Xenophobia is disgusting, so is police brutality. They both must be dealt with,” tweeted Pearl.

Pearl discouraged violence amongst Africans and said Afrophobia is an expression of self-hate.

The actress trigged by the incidents of police brutality in South Africa and asked that if anyone knows how to organise a peaceful protest to get in touch with her. It seems that many are here for the actress’s request and are ready to join her in protest.

Main Image: Sa411