SA rapper Kash gets his big breakthrough Oshiri’s new record “Focused”

The Universe, God or whatever higher power you believe in has a way of answering your prayers in the most random ways.

This was the case for aspiring local singer/rapper Kash (aka Ka$h) when he scored an opportunity to work with Oshiri on his new record “Focused”. That’s what the Universe does to reward those who help others. While Oshiri is fixed on making it internationally, he is also pushing aspiring artists on his global quest.

Kash worked as a songwriter at one of the two recording studios that Oshiri runs. As Oshiri’s team was working on new content for Oshiri to release, Kash spotted an opportunity and he took it. He quickly told recorded a demo and played it for Oshiri to hear and to his surprised Oshiri was blown away. He was so excited that he insisted that Kash be included as an artist on his single too but also authenticity matters to Oshiri that he also insisted they work with the demo as well.

As an artist that is already making their mark in the international, it was only organic that Oshiri and Kash made a video and it is nothing short of amazing! You can view the single below.

The single is already on a repeat playlist for fans and the first single under Oshri’s new record company in SA (Gallo), which is actually remarkable.

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