WATCH: Tumi Morake digs up a container of Snuff and tongs inside Boity’s bag!

Trust Tumi Morake to make your day after having a long one!

The comedian had a very interesting visitor on her talk show, WTF Tumi on Thursday night. A visitor we are all interested in, and that’s Boity Thulo.

Boity paid a visit to the talk show where she chatted about being happily single and venturing into the business world with her new beauty range.

Tumi also got Boity to take part in several games that had the audience in fits of laughter.

During one of the games, Tumi got the chance to show fans what Boity carried around in her handbag.

The first thing that Tumi pulled out was a container of snuff (smokeless tobacco) and a spare set of underwear.

Check out the hilarious clip here: 

Main Image Credit: W24

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