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    New mom DJ Zinhle on baby Kairo and moving on

    Dj Zinhle doesn't think she's mentally and emotionally ready to be in a new relationship..

    Entertainment SA has learned from our sources that ‘’Businesswoman and the most loved female DJ was interviewed on Gareth Cliff's show on Cliff Central on Tuesday morning but she didn't want to talk about her breakup with AKA. Zinhle has clarified that she has always been private about her affair with the Level shit maker and she was forced to admit the relationship because they were expecting a baby together. 

    Only two months old, Baby Kairo already has her mommy wrapped around her finger.  

    Speaking to Gareth,Dj Zinhle said her daughter has just started smiling a lot and laughing she admits crying every time Kairo smiles. It's too cute." she added. After being asked whether her little princess has any special talents, Zinhle responded: ’Baby Kairo is so cute right now. I think that's the only talent she has right now. But she loves dancing… uhm… granddaddy dances with her all the time, so we've had to get into the whole dancing thing with her. She loves it."

    Dj Zinhle brags her daughter's smile is amazing, adding: "She's got an attitude, you know a little bit baby K snaps when she's angry and if you haven't fed her then she doesn't want it anymore. But she's a cool kid." 

    Baby Kairo and her work has been her 1st priority right now. The huge question now is whether or not she's ready to be in a new relationship? Dj Zinhle was quoted saying "I guess I'm gonna have to see what the universe throws at me, you know. I hope it throws, like, good things." 

    She concludes she's not mentally ready for a relationship, though. "I think I'll be mentally ready when I know what kind of a guy I want for sure… When I have a definition of a guy, I haven't defined the person that I want next. Until then, I can't say I'm ready to see someone else."

    Image credit: youthvillage.co.za

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