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    Sugar Mama: Gambian officials warn older women aka ‘se& tourists’ to stay away  

    With the African continent expecting an influx of foreign tourists specifically from European countries, the Gambian officials have warned ‘sugar mamas’ to stay away from the country. 
    This has come to the attention of Entertainment SA where it is reported that The Gambian youths are used by foreign pensioners or old women for sex. 
    Dubbed ‘sex tourism’, The Gambian tourism officials have issued a strong warning against older women and pensioners who visit the country to prey on young and desperate men. 
    As one of the popular tourist attractions in the African continent, the West African country wants to shake off its reputation for sex tourism. 
    Known for offering beautiful and sunny skies, sand, sea, and nature, the country has also reportedly gained a reputation for sex tourism, with many older women seeking relationships with young men. 
    The country’s director of The Gambia Tourism Board, Abubacarr S. Camara said they cannot allow tourists who come to the country with ulterior motives. 

    “What we want is quality tourists,” he said as per Express. 
    “Tourists that come to enjoy the country and the culture, but not tourists that come just for sex.” 
    Camara said The Gambia wants to move away from its reputation for sex tourism but wants to promote its many attractions. 
    The publication posted that young male sex workers, usually referred to as “beach boys” have been spotted with older women on nights out. 
    “Some are then seen accompanying the older female tourists out of clubs after enjoying a night out,” reports the website. 
    “Many men working in this industry have been drawn into it due to the lack of jobs and low wages in The Gambia.” 

    Known as “The Smiling Coast”, The Gambia gained independence in 1965 from Britain with sex tourism gaining prominence in the 1990s. 
    Main Image: The Gambia Tourism/Twitter 

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