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    DJ Tira called out for taking advantage of an artist

    South African DJ Tira is being called out by a woman named Luke Ntombela who is a musician.

    According to news reports, Ntombela has come forward, accusing DJ Tira, the Durban-based DJ of allegedly engaging in non-consensual activity with her.

    “Luke got too intoxicated, blacked out, and woke up next to DJ Tira, feeling like something had happened. Screenshots suggest that the DJ continued to make inappropriate advances despite her objections.”

    In a social media post, Luke posted her distress, stating, “I keep hearing @djtira saying ‘it’s witchcraft this, it’s witchcraft that,’ but I don’t see anything surpassing waking up next to someone after a blackout. He keeps contacting me as if we’re in love. You know very well you’ve never loved me and you owe me nothing to sleep with me. Speaking to him, he says he’s afraid I’ll blast him, ‘what if nothing happened…? What have I done that would make me forget??? I’m begging you to clarify, brother… God sees.”

    Luke shared screenshots of her conversations with the DJ, including his attempts to resolve the situation through monetary offers.

    “The DJ has been trying to persuade her to retract her public statements, even offering her money. Allegedly, she was promised a music video or a song at Afro before ‘partying’ led to her ending up in bed with the DJ. The screenshots reveal Tira’s attempts to persuade Luke to reconsider, offering money and seeking assistance from her friends to remove the posts. There’s a lot, but it’s all there in the screenshots and on her Facebook page,” the blog reported.

    Main image: IOL

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