Local celebs and Valentine’s Day

While the hawks have stolen the spotlight from this romantic day by raiding the Gupta compound, a lot of us have seemingly forgotten about Valentine’s Day, which is sad. However, some of our local celebrities are keeping the romantic spirit up by sharing what this day means to them.

Local entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu told the media that her young bae is taking her to Port Edward for a romantic getaway, even though she believes Valentine’s Day is filled with commercial hype.

“It’s very commercial. That’s why we celebrate love every day.”

Although she doesn’t believe in the day, she said her worst Valentines has been when she was alone.

“I was alone and that wasn’t great. But my man has spoilt me now with a getaway and lots of activities like swimming and horse riding.”

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While Zodwa will be enjoying this day to the fullest, her rival, Skolopad has slammed any notion of romance saying that she doesn’t believe in love.

However, she has a very lovely memory of one Valentine’s Day that included a lot of steamy sessions.

”Someone booked me into a posh hotel room one time and we had a great time and great sex.”

However, that doesn’t mean the entertainer has interests when it comes to matters of the heart.

”Love doesn’t exist to me. I’m scared to be in love because women are killed by their  jealous partners.”

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While Skolopad has said love is dead and most people are flaunting how their bae’s spoilt them on Valentine’s Day, singer LeAnne Dlamini let us in on the cutest family tradition ever.

She posted a picture of her husband, Sipho, with their two daughters and explained how he bought them flowers and took them out on a date.

“Last night he took them on their very first daddy daughter Valentine’s Dinner Date. Told them to dress up, bought them flowers & even he smartened up his jeans with a jacket because he wanted the girls to know that if a guy wants to take you on a date, he needs to come dressed appropriately & come correct!

How cute!

Read her full post here.


On the other hand, musician Dr Malinga has also given us his thoughts on on this special day and said it puts pressure on people, especially if they are broke.

“If you are broke, then you have to pretend not to be around because you don’t have money.”

He said it’s the simple things that matter, like spending time together.

“Love is caring, protection and sacrifice.”

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