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    Prince Kaybee recovers his ‘million rand’ stolen trailer

    South African DJ turned entrepreneur Prince Kaybee is on cloud nine after finally recovering his stolen trailer.

    Kaybee ventured into the business world over two years ago, and his trailer has been a key part of his income stream. But recently, he hit a bump in the road when an employee betrayed his trust and stole some of his goods.

    “An employee stole from me today, first time ever. I’m so disappointed man,” he shared on X.

    But Kaybee didn’t let that get him down for long. He kept his cool and, after some searching, his cousin managed to track down the missing trailer.

    “I had earlier expressed how someone I worked with stole from me, well they had stolen my 34-ton sidetipper trailer. My cousin found it today after looking everywhere. What a world we live in… a million rand asset can just be taken from you. But rest assured, tsa banna ha di fele,” he proudly announced on social media.

    Fans on X were happy for Kaybee:

    @BusinessGenius said: “Something not often talked about – some small businesses do suffer a lot from from activities, or non-activities of employees. In some instances you hear employees “complain” that they make you rich – meanwhile you might not even have been paid a decent salary for many months.”

    “No South African will ever have the guts to steal a trailer”, said @JoeNkosi

    @king Django said: “A side tipper trailer even when brand new is not a million rand, nihamba no inflator ama figures to gain what? I have 6 units so I know the price baba”.

    Main image: Escopia

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