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    Rihanna shares her son, RZA’s first word

    Rihanna has told the world about her little rockstar, RZA’s first word. In her exclusive interview with Interview Magazine, she dished out that RZA’s first word is “Hey”. This is one stylish child.

    You might remember that Rihanna and her husband, A$AP Rocky, welcomed RZA into the world back in May 2022, just after they made their relationship official. And if you thought one mini-legend was enough, think again because in August 2023, they doubled the trouble with the arrival of their second son, Riot Ross.

    Rihanna shares her son, RZA’s first word, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    Rihanna and her husband, ASAP Rocky with their sons RZA and Riot Ross / Image: People. com

    Rihanna’s creativity is on full blast, but with an added twist. She spilled the tea that lately, her brain’s been doing things in reverse. Instead of the music paving the way for her visuals, it’s the other way around!

    She’s got all these killer visual ideas bouncing around, but the songs? Well, they’re playing a little hard to get. But hey, maybe that’s the secret sauce this time around. Perhaps those visuals are like breadcrumbs leading her straight to the next big hit. Sorry Rihanna fans.

    Rihanna’s always been one to blaze her own trail, and this latest peek into her creative process just proves she’s ahead of the game in every way possible. Can’t wait to see what she’s got cooking up next.

    Main image: Masala.com

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