‘Money Heist’ Season 5 part 1 ending: Does Tokyo die in the thrilling & emotional climax?

After keeping fans waiting for over a year, the fifth season of Money Heist is only gripping fans and making them more impatient about what happens in the end. That was all thanks to the shocking and emotional climax as five episodes hit the web recently, keeping the mystery alive for the remaining five episodes. One of the obvious interpretations after the conclusion of the first segment that fan favourite and one of the pivotal characters, Tokyo was dead, but is there more than meets the eye?

Is Tokyo dead in Money Heist season 5 Part 1? Ending explained

The scenes are unfolding at the Bank of Spain where the robbers have been stuck for over 100 hours since the start of the heist. The war has forced the group to form teams and one among them was of Tokyo, Denver and Manila.

The group battle the Spanish Army, led by Sagasta and his soldiers, who are breaking through the wall. Tokyo’s daring attempt prompt the force to fire their snipers in the kitchen, leading to Tokyo being shot five times, in her arms and legs. Denver narrowly misses the bullets and escapes.

With the pain of the wounds, Tokyo realises that she won’t be able to escape from the dumbwaiter in the bank’s kitchen as it was a six-floor height that she’d find hard to descend due to her wounds. She thus asks Denver and Manila to proceed downstairs and cushion the bottom of the shaft for her descent. The duo successfully reaches and try to drill the hole.

However, the Army enter the kitchen and now are within a threatening distance of Tokyo. Amid her emotional reunion with Rio, who is unable to create a hole big enough to help, she tells Professor that she would be their guardian angel from now on, realising that time was running up for her.

She keeps fighting the soldiers despite the bullet wounds before she gets shot once again. Even in her seemingly final moments, she displays cleverness, as she smiles and opens up a belt of four grenades, leading herself and the Army soldiers to their deaths.

If one goes by the visuals, it would not be wrong to assume that Tokyo indeed died. The chances of her surviving the explosion and her wounds might be minuscule, but with the numerous twists and turns that makers have kept the viewers glued and shocked for five seasons, one might perhaps prefer to wait and watch.

Volume 1 of season 5 of Money Heist is streaming on Netflix since September 3. To know whether Tokyo miraculously survived or the climax portrayed the actual happenings, one will have to wait till December 3 when the second volume, and the last five episodes of the final season stream.

Main Image: toysmatrix