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    Atandwa Kani breaks silence over his relationship with Thembisa Mdoda

    After months and months of antagonism between Atandwa Kani and his ex-wife, Thembisa Mdoda – the two have often waged a war of words on social media, which often resulted in other people getting pulled into their squabbles.

    Atandwa has decided to once and for all, clear his head and in so doing, his heart about what transpired between him and his ex, Thembisa that has led to the current animosity between them. In a revealing open letter that he posted on Facebook.

    Atandwa starts off the letter by saying:  “This statement serves to give an honest, detailed account of the events that transpired between myself and Ms. Thembisa Mdoda.”

    He then goes onto explain how he found out through rumours that his then wife was cheating on him. And how when the media got wind of the story in 2014 he tried his best to protect her and the children from any negative publicity, by denying the allegations and threatening to sue the publication.

    Below is an extract from the letter he posted on Facebook.

     “This statement serves to give an honest, detailed account of the events that transpired between myself and Ms. Thembisa Mdoda.

    Ms. Mdoda and I met in 2004 at Wits University. We had an on and off relationship throughout our student years. We both, consequently, moved on and were involved with other people. In 2011 we met up again on a casual basis. Soon after, she told me that she was pregnant. My immediate response was to request a paternity test once the children were born, because she was intimately involved with another man at that particular time. This request was met with hostility.

    I decided, assuming I was the father, to do the appropriate, befitting and right thing, which was to be a supportive and active partner throughout her pregnancy. I would introduce the ‘paternity’ topic every now and then, but would be met with a continuously growing unwillingness and animosity, even to the point of being threatened I would never see the children if I decided to press on with the issue.”

    To read the full letter here click here: https://www.facebook.com/atandwaprince.kani/ 

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