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The process of sending nudes can be exhausting, especially when you get someone who has ill intentions and will not respect your privacy. Here’s more.

Consider the reasons why you’re sending nudes

Before taking a selfie and sending it, there are a few factors that you need to deeply consider, especially when you are not married to that person. Sending nudes does spice up your sex life and make it exciting, your partner will be left impressed but that may sometimes lead to them pressuring you to send more. Whatever your reasons are, make sure you think about the consequences.

It could be illegal

 Remember that the legal age of sexting in South Africa is 18 before sending or asking for a naked selfie. If you’re involved in sexual acts like sexting and under the age of 18, then you might find yourself in deep trouble as such is considered a criminal offence. The law doesn’t and shouldn’t consider making any exception for underage people creating, possessing, or sharing such material between themselves or even sharing them with adults, the punishment for adults will need to be 10 times more extreme for they should be knowing better. Sharing these photos via any form of text/social media is also illegal.

Do you trust your partner?

Another aspect to consider is trust, are you confident enough to say that you confidently trust your partner? Do you feel and believe that your partner is dependable and trustworthy? It’s easy for someone to sell themselves, especially when they know that they have something to gain in the end. Questions that should always be at the back of your mind should be of how sure you are that this person won’t share the images once you have a fallout or an argument. As soon as you share a nude, just know that you are putting yourself at risk, even though you don’t mean to put yourself in that position, but they might be used against you at a later stage should things between you and your partner go south.

Sending nudes is the act of sharing sexual images of yourself via instant message. But just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s risk-free. The consequences of sending nudes can be traumatising and unhealthy for many relationships. Remember that once sent, any images are out of your control, so it’s wise to reflect carefully and consider the long-term consequences before you send a nude. Never give in to someone pressuring you to do something you aren’t comfortable with.

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