Want to look like your celebs? Check out these affordable clothing stores these celebrities love buying from

Ever wondered where your favourite celebrity shops are? We found some stores that most celebrities love buying from.
Plus, most of these stores sell fashion at very affordable prices – yes celebrities love bargains too.

It is a great thing that a lot of our faves love buying proudly South African clothing brands and shopping at local retail stores.

Here are some stores that celebrities shop from – some you know, some you may not know – that you can shop from if you want to dress like your favourite star.

Ntando Duma

The vibrant and energetic Ntando Duma loves shopping at Pick n Pay clothing, especially after becoming a mother.

She posted a photo on her Instagram page wearing matching shorts with her daughter that she bought at Pick n Pay – how cute.

Pick n Pay Clothing is known for its very affordable yet stylish fashion and it has become even more easy to shop their fashion after launching their online store last year.

Image: Instagram @dumantando

Roxy Burger

Mother of two Roxy Burger is a fan of clothing stores such as Cotton On, Zara as well as MRP Home.

Roxy looks stunning in this photo wearing a printed top with oversized Victorian sleeves from Cotton On.

Image: Instagram @roxyburger

Pinky Girl

DJ and reality TV star Pinky Girl wears a marvellous pink dress from Pretty in Pink that costs just R499.

They offer trendy clothing at prices that anyone can afford.

Image: Instagram @prettyinpink_za

Kim Jayde

Kim Jayde stuns in a black printed dress by Parooz Fashions, another one of Roxy Burger’s go-to stores.

You can shop their fashion online at prices that will not break the bank.

Image: Instagram @paroozfashions
Main Image: Style Rave