‘’He said he wanted a daughter who looked like me’’ – Sfiso and Ayanda Ncwane were trying for another baby.

Ayanda Ncwane, the wife of fallen gospel star Sfiso Ncwane – still has a gaping hole in her heart that forever longs for his presence.

It’s been almost a year since Sfiso died after suffering kidney failure, but his wife still reminisces on their memories together as if it was yesterday.

Reflecting on some of the dreams they had, Ayanda told Drum magazine that they were trying for another baby before his death.

“We had been trying for a baby. He said he wanted a daughter who looked like me,” she said.

Ayanda added that she wishes she could have made that dream a reality.

“I wish he’d kept his semen stored in a lab or something. It would have been my wish to give him the daughter he wanted,” she said.

Earlier this week Ayanda visited Sfiso’s grave to spend a day with him.

“In this cold weather, everyone visiting baes. Why can’t I spend a day with mine, playing our fave songs just like good old days,” she said.

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