Watch: This UFC fighter gets punched so hard he starts doing the ‘chicken dance’

Out of all the funny reactions we see from UFC fighters after getting a K.O punch, this one is definitely the funniest. Ever seen someone get punched so hard, they start doing the ‘chicken dance?’

Well brace yourself because we are about to show you one.

Bojan Velickovic of Serbia scored a third-round TKO victory over Nico Musoke in a UFC event that featured a shot by Velickovic that left Musoke rubber-legged Sunday night in Stockholm.

His counterpunch left the Swedish fighter wobbling with what MMA Junkie called “the stanky leg of all stanky legs.” Or, if you prefer, with the unsteadiness of a newborn horse, as Fox Deportes announcers put it.

Somehow Musoke continued until Velickovic finished the matter with 23 seconds left in the UFC Fight Night 109 preliminary-card fight.

Velickovic is 15-4-1 in MMA and 2-1-1 in UFC, while Musoke is 13-5 in MMA, 3-3 in UFC.

Picture credit: Daily Star

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