From ‘The Real’ to primetime at Fox, Adrienne Houghton is making big TV moves

Adrienne Houghton is making big TV moves. After logging over 1,000 shows on daytime’s “The Real,” she is back in primetime on “I Can See Your Voice.”

“I Can See Your Voice” is a new Wednesday-night talent competition series on Fox which Adrienne co-hosts with Ken Jeong and Cheryl Hines. The show is a follow-up, of sorts, for Houghton, who appeared on “The Masked Singer” last season and came in third (as The Flamingo).

“We actually shot [‘I Can See Your Voice’] in July and August in the middle of the pandemic,” she says. “We had to be tested on a daily basis … and when we finished, no one had gotten sick. There was no audience, so it was [edited] in digitally in post-production. Everyone was super-respectful and really stuck to the [COVID] rules and regulations — and, hello, we had a doctor on the set with Ken Jeong!”

Adrienne’s family are proactive and very supportive of her. She doesn’t need to hire any crew. “We’re all producers, so we get a say in most of the topics we talk about,” says Houghton. “They come from our hearts and our minds, and things we find shocking, funny, heavy and deep.”

Adrienne was with her family while shooting the show, driving cross-country from New York to LA in an RV and quarantining with her for the summer. “We drove back [to New York] as a family,” she says. “It took us six days and we saw the Grand Canyon and visited my husband’s mother in Santa Fe. We made an adventure out of it.”

Congratulations on her new venture.

Main Image: The Real