Jub Jub talks about surviving in prison

Mzansi’s most trending presenter, Jub Jub has once again opened up about his reformatory life and details how hard it was surviving in prison.  Jub Jubb also opened up about getting a second chance since being released on parole in 2017. The Uyajola 9/9 presenter has been on a mission to change his life for the better after he served four years of his eight-year culpable homicide sentence for the 2010 drag racing accident.

Jub started with the claim that having money and family support while in prison is very key, and he experienced such. Surviving in the prison ain’t easy, despite that, he managed to create jobs and feed people in the prison.

He also mentioned the importance of “affiliation”. He said it will help in keeping one protected from the dangers and bad guys in prison.

Jub Jub
The TV personality battled with trust issues, as one of the jobs he created in prison, was having someone taste his food before eating, as it might be poisoned. After tasting, he says he pays the person.

Family stood for Jub and he was busy improving in growing himself while in prison.

The incident affected the lives of six children in a negative way. The rapper has shared that he is grateful that South Africans are a forgiving nation. He shared that after coming out of prison, he didn’t want to go back to TV presenting or music. Ever since his release, the star has worked his way up the entertainment industry ladder.
Main Image: JacarandaFM