Letshego Zulu talks about ‘new’ challenges and keeping her promise to late Gugu Zulu

A month after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in honour of her late husband Gugu Zulu‚ Letshego Zulu has once taken a leap of courage by talking about her ‘new’ challenges, which include raising a happy toddler and why it was so important for her to keep her promise to her late husband Gugu Zulu.

Speaking on Trending SA‚ Letshego opened up about having to be strong for herself and her two-year-old baby Lelethu. She added that she is finding her way and that she has had to talk herself through the last year without her husband.

“I get my strength from my little girl. She’s the reason I wake up everyday. She’s going through the ‘terrific twos’. I talk to myself through everything. I plan her outfits in advance‚ like now in the morning when we are getting ready for pre-school and she doesn’t want to change from her PJs. So now I bath her the night before and put on her “school” clothes which have now become her sleeping clothes‚ for now. You have to work around the ‘terrific twos’‚” she said.

Letshego emphasised the importance of keeping her promise to her late husband Gugu‚ by summiting Kilimanjaro and how it needed to happen.

“I gave my word to my husband. So many people tried to disarm me. I had emails coming in with people are saying ‘no‚ don’t go’ or ‘it is too dangerous’. They told me to go back in a couple of years‚ but I couldn’t. I had to go because I gave my word‚” she said.

Letshego’s late husband‚ Gugu ‚ died after complications from altitude sickness while on a Trek4Mandela expedition up Kilimanjaro to raise funds for sanitary pads to help keep girls in school.

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