[WATCH] Pearl Thusi dapples into the world of pole dancing and she is amazingly good at it!

There has been many instances where well-known celebs have dappled into the world of pole dancing, most of the time it’s an actress learning pole for a new role, but neither the less, they are venturing into a world and that is awesome. You know that feeling when you meet a stranger who also pole dances? YES, you know what we’re talking about, well seeing a celebrity try any kind of “pole” is the same feeling.

In an Instagram video shared on Friday 18 September 2020, the Queen Sono actress showed off her pole dancing skills, as she completed a recent lesson in the difficult dance form. Pearl credited Gravity Goddess for the lesson, which she claimed to be her first one. On the studio’s page, the instructor shared a lengthy video of Pearl, captioning it with, “To my Absolutely Gorgeous Goddess @pearlthusi. Sooooo enjoyed working with this exquisite and just simply amazing soul. She is Beautiful… inside and out …our session was magical”.

The video showed Pearl showcasing her impressive upper body strength as she was able to hold up her entire body without hesitation. Along with showing off her skill, the instructor and student were also seen seductively dancing with the pole, leaving her followers in awe of her sultriness.

Pearl took time to respond to the many comments on the most with most of her followers praising her for her new found skill. One person stated, “No babe, you are stronger than the average beginner, I’ve seen many beginners, you are exceptional.” Vundla Tshabalala also added, “Either you’ve done this before or you have the most insane core strength. You could honestly be a professional.”, to which Pearl responded with, “Thank you!”.


Maybe we should try contacting Teasers adult club to see if they’d like to give Pearl a platform to show the world what she can do.. we’d be more than glad to come pop out a few Madiba notes baby!

Main Image; News365


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