48-year-old mother tries to kill herself following her son’s decision to marry a sex worker!

If you think seeing your neighbour peeping through their window every time you pass is weird, then you definitely need to read more from us.

Forget your neighbour for a minute and focus on this Zimbabwean woman, 48, who reportedly tried to kill herself after learning that her eldest son wanted to marry a sex worker.


You heard right! According to New Zimbabwe, Nomathemba Moyo was battling for her life in hospital after she allegedly drank rat poison last Saturday.

Police confirmed that Moyo drank rat poison following a dispute with her eldest son Jonathan Ngwenya, 22, who wanted to marry Caroline Munetsi, a well-known prostitute.

“Her [Moyo] eldest son came home with a prostitute on Thursday night and indicated that the woman had come to join the family as his wife even though he was fully aware that the lady was a well-known commercial sex worker.

“He demanded that his mother release six cattle from his late father’s estate and that he had already made arrangements with the prostitute’s parents for a lobola ceremony to be held on Sunday,” an unnamed source was quoted as saying.

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Picture credit: Live Well Magazine

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