New Fashion Trend: Male rompers cause a stir on the net and a comedy show on Twitter!

A few weeks ago, the internet went into a frenzy after Cam Newton showed up at Coachella wearing what many assumed were rompers but in actual fact, was shorts and a matching top in the same print.

Since then, romphims, aka male rompers, sprouted up on the internet with most people hating the fashion idea. As usual, Black Twitter had something to say, here are a few opinions:

Meanwhile, even if romphims don’t happen, Cam Newton really does seem to be a trendsetter because Young Dro followed suit literally and rocked an almost identical look.

Looks like Dro wasn’t here for people criticizing his looks because he’s now private on Instagram. But hey, it’s not all bad! Some people are loving it.

But for the majority of dudes, it doesn’t look like the romphim will catch wind. But hey, we think that’s probably for the best.

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