Sarah Langa shakes off negative vibes to build a better version of herself

Sarah Langa is shaking off the negative vibes and breaking cycles to build a better version of herself.

And it looks as if Sarah 2020 is off to a great start. She is in a different state of mind and enjoying being pampered.

The model shared on Twitter how having a different outlook on life will help her become a new person with a different perspective.

“Being spoilt AF, I’m so damn loved! All my dreams have come true. My mind is healthy, my body is responsive, I’m breaking cycles, I’m building a better me.”

She said she is feeling brand new and lighter compared with how she felt in the past, and had a young, light energy.

“I’m free from anger, resentment, frustration. I’m so damn light.”

Though Sarah is on a new path to positivity, she was no stranger to dominating headlines in 2019.

She was accused of being a “show-off”, “inconsiderate” and “insensitive” when it came to certain issues affecting SA.

In December, Sarah caused a few chest pains when she showed off her Amina Muaddi designer heels and schooled followers about wearing fakes.

Even though she said her intentions were to demonstrate real from fake, she got backlash for “ridiculing” others and was told by fans to be more humble.

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